About Us



The idea of creating the Kuku concept occurred to me early in 2014. Interestingly, the letter S on the neck was one of my favorite pieces of jewelry since my childhood. You know how it works, things come and go and then reappear when you expect them the least. I feel this with me and the letters. They came back to me in a more modern version, in colours with an idea in itself. The final version of the project, with a website including an amazing photo shoot campaign, took me almost a year. Since I’m a person who is always looking for hidden meaning in almost everything, Kuku itself carries a certain idea. Alphabet letters can carry your initials, the initials of your loved ones or pets and they can be worn in three ways.You can hang it almost everywhere. I have to say the number that accompanies me during my life so far and it is also my lucky number is the number 9. Therefore, I chose 9 beautiful pastel and neon colours for the collection. The choice of colours was really hard, I was picking out the colors almost one month. Did you know that each letter of our name has a hidden meaning in itself and also even your favorite color may not be just a matter of taste, but it can reveal many features of your personality, and even affect your mood? Also as I placed emphasis on the choice of the colors it was important for me to choose the right material of the chains. I wanted to have them made of high quality stainless steel, which is considered as a material of the new millennium. What is also very positive for me is the fact, that the letters are made in the Czech Republic and invented in Slovakia, they are unique and they are ours. They are made from hard rubber and are very easy to take care of. I also think that the packaging is very important so I paid great attention to it too. Letters are packed in a simple style, very clean, because simplicity is beautiful. But what gives the letters soul are of course their owners. It is a product for young ambitious girls who know what they want and are not afraid to express it. I hope they will bring you joy and at the same time let you symbolize your personality, or remind you of your close person or a pet. I believe that letters can mean for you at least something as they meant for me for all these years.

With love  Soňa Skoncová